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Tepro offers a complete line of wirewound resistors and metal film resistors. Included are precision resistors and power resistors in both standard and custom product. They manufacture the precision & power resistors for the military and commercial applications. Many of their precision & power resistors are the wirewound resistor configuration and they have the ability to meet very tight tolerances and even tighter lead times. Wirewound resistors, however, are not the only type of resistor Tepro manufactures. They also make various metal film resistors and through their Vamistor division offer the RL42 resistor (click here to read an article we wrote about the RL42 Resistor), a line of carbon film resistors.
History of Tepro Resistors:
Tepro was originally incorporated in 1959 in order to produce high quality wirewound power resistors and precision resistors.  The company quickly built a reputation for producing these types of resistors with a forte for the very tight tolerance resistors. In 1980, Tepro was acquired by Electro Technik Industries, Inc. (ETI), not only because of their reputation for quality , but because of their ability to make resistors below 0.5% in tolerance. Under ETI management, Tepro expanded from almost exclusively wirewound resistors into metal film resistors and network resistors as well.

In 1992 ETI purchased Vamistor Inc., a manufacturer of resistors which, at the time, was located in Severville, Tennessee. This increased the amount of resistor capabilities available to ETI as a whole and Tepro more specifically, including the capability to manufacture carbon film resistors and military qualified RL42 resistors. In the years that followed, the resistor “group” of ETI has evolved into Tepro-Vamistor. Their specialty remains wirewound precision resistors and wirewound power resistors, and quality is still their focus and obsession.

About Electro Technik

Electro Technik is the parent company for multiple passive electronic component companies organized into three primary business units including; capacitive/resistive products, microwave/RF products, and magnetics/transformer products.

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